Consultancy covers all work other than surveys and is charged on a fixed quote or a daily fee rate depending on the type of work involved, it's likely duration and the degree of certainty we have over the outcome.

Overseeing repairs and renovations is where a surveyor will save you money, even on small jobs. Open ended agreements with a boatyard to do whatever is necessary invariably cost more than expected, but it is rare that anyone can accurately tell what a job will cost at the outset, especially on older vessels. Having a surveyor manage repairs and renovations allows an initial assessment to be made, dismantling, tests and inspections to be carried out, quotes obtained and decisions made on the options for renovation. These can then be checked and revised as work progresses. The point is to keep you informed if either the job or the budget has to be adapted and to keep control over cost and quality.

The work will be inspected at regular intervals and the end result will be work that you and the yard are satisfied with and makes the best use of your budget. For expatriate customers or overseas jobs, video and photo reports can be produced and sent by e mail. For complex work, I will draw up a spreadsheet based project management system to ensure that budgets and timetables are kept to. For straightforward jobs I can simply help you agree quotes from a yard and check the work before you pay the bill.

Examples of recent projects include drawing up a maintenance schedule for an ocean cruising yacht and providing advice on upgrading the vessel, overseeing hull repairs to an iron sailing barge in preparation for a coastal delivery voyage and providing advice and a photographic record on the accurate historical restoration of a 110 year old classic sailing yacht.

A marine surveyor can often help in disputes with suppliers or contractors. Here the aim is to resolve problems by arbitration between the parties rather than through the courts. For that it helps to have precise, factual information from a written surveyor's report. This usually involves a visit to the boat to assess the problem, followed by a report that includes an exact specification of what needs to be done to put the owner back to the position they should be in. Similarly we are often asked to assess insurance claims for either party where fault or settlement is disputed.

If you have a non-profit project which involves restoring a historic vessel or getting people afloat who wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity, please get in touch (link e mail) and I'll do my best to help you.